Desal Economics

The North Cameron facility is a cooperative venture, producing 2.88 million gallons per day of water for communities served by North Alamo WSC, East Rio Hondo WSC, and the City of Primera. The first phase of the plant was completed in 2007; the facility has been sized to expand as needs grow.

The plant uses reverse osmosis technology to turn brackish groundwater with 3500 parts per million of salt into bottle-quality drinking water. The process also removes viruses and bacteria that would be left untreated by conventional means.

Feasibility analyses showed desalination to be an economical alternative to surface water from the Rio Grande for the project partners.

The plant is located between Santa Rosa and Combs, in northern Cameron County, Texas.



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In 2007, the North Cameron Regional Water Supply Corporation inaugurated a reverse osmosis facility that turns previously unusable brackish groundwater into high-quality drinking water. This new supply was developed at a lower cost than would have been required to purchase and treat surface water from the Rio Grande. The facility now produces almost 3 million gallons per day for both municipal and industrial uses, and has been sized to readily accommodate future expansions.

The North Cameron facility was funded in part by the Texas Water Development Board to show how desalination can work for small Texas communities.

This website serves as a tool to demonstrate the potential of desalination for communities, providing specific information on planning, designing, constructing, and operating a desal plant.

The Desalination Process

How to transform salty water to drinking water.
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The Desalination Plant

How to design, develop, construct, and operate a desal plant.
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